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Our Story

Since the dawn of time, dolls have been one of the oldest human artefacts and our love affair for them is just as old.  They are one of our best representatives of beauty ideals throughout history.  I still remember when as a child I saved money to collect my first doll.  The shop counter was a little too high for me and I tiptoed to be able to embrace it in my hands.  This wonderful feeling of holding my treasure, to care for it and to beautify it makes me smile, now that I have children of my own.

Manolitas was born as a longtime dream to create awareness and express El Salvador’s talented craftsmanship by creating one of a kind hand tailored collection cloth dolls.  After having spent twelve years in banking, the birth of my daughter who awakened my initiative to persevere, and months of product testing, I learned very early on the way that this was exactly what I wanted to keep pursuing.  Each creation rapidly gave birth to new ideas for the next work of art.  Much imagination and passion was engaged, from hairstyle to eye color combinations, to wardrobes and ornaments, to each doll’s name which was given much thought; finally personifying each doll.  Small details accent each Manolita’s individuality and personal charm, end resulting in a personification entirely handmade from the heart.

The birth of each collection is very dear to me and remounts me to precious moments of my childhood and now mother which have lead me to become a doll designer.  May Manolitas transmit the same nostalgic feeling of the little girl inside that lives deep within your heart.

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