So when it comes to having an adorable baby face, large flirtatious eyelashes, high arched eyebrows, a small nose, and red lipstick, no one beats our lovely friend, Boopsie.  A unique combination of infancy and maturity and innocence and sophistication, this legendary superstar certainly knows how to impress!  For different reasons women through the centuries have stepped outside the status quo, beyond societal definitions of what is suitably feminine. Boopsie is that perfect example, dressed in her perfect middy sailor dress and wearing her forever fashionable beret.

“How much I longed waking up to long Saturday morning cartoon blocks while eating homemade pancakes and taking late showers…. one simple but sweet childhood recollection.”

Handmade with much love and attention to detail, Biopsies’ facial features are completely hand embroidered. Her black hair is made of yarn that has been hand braided and stitched into place. She wears a hand tailored dress, consisting of a gold sequined top and a navy blue taffeta skirt sewn to the doll’s body, therefore not removable.  She comes along wearing sewn undies and even has a hand embroidered belly button!

  • Body: Cotton cloth fabric
  • Skin Color: Light
  • Fill: Combination of non-allergenic fiber and 100% combed cotton
  • Height: 27″ Tall
  • Weight: 0.85 KGS or 1.87 LBS
  • Handmade in El Salvador

* Made to order, please allow 5-8 business days to complete your order.

* These handmade dolls are beautifully made and are suitable for ages 3+.

If you’d like to know more about Manolitas and check the current lead time for dispatch, please do visit the FAQ’S and SHIPPING page.


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